Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Blu Is Back!

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Yes people, our first and favourite train wreck, Blu Cantrell is back. Here she is at the Jay-Z & Giant Magazine Party Sugar in Hollywood Sunday night. Not that she went anywhere (I wish) but I haven't seen Blu out and about since this. Obviously her her time away hasn't taught her a damn thing. She is still hamming it up in her ridiculous get-ups and the sad thing is she is cheesing it up like she is bringing sexy back.

There is still no word on when she is gonna make her musical comeback. Last I heard she was supposed to release an album this year but I don't really think thats gonna pop off since as far as I know there hasn't been no activity in that department. I actually think Blu is nice singer and I really hope she finally releases a new album and it does well so she can hire a stylist and stop blessing us with all these hamtastic appearances.

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