Friday, March 09, 2007

P. Diddy and Snoop kick off their European Tour in Helsinki!

WTF! Snoop stop the madness now!

Caption This!

British Celebrity Chef Ainsley Harriot poses with a Jessica Simpson waxwork at the 2007 Daily Mail Ideal Home Show.

Natasha ft Clipse: So Sick {Video}

Natasha is here! This multi-talented high school senior who was discovered while working in a Subway sandwich shop in New Jersey, was signed by Rodney Jerkins' Darkchild Entertainment to Jive Records and is preparing to release her debut album in 2007. Natasha is excited to rep for the Class of '07 as she begins her career as a recording artist!


Notorious B.I.G. Tribute

Today is the 10th anniversary of the Notorious B.I.G's death, who was killed in a drive-by shooting in Los Angeles after attending the 11th Annual Soul Train Music Awards. As a tribute to the late great rapper I have decided to post some of my favourite Biggie videos!


Big Poppa

One More Chance (remix)


Foxy Faces New Charges!

Prosecutors in Florida filed battery and resisting arrest charges against the artist. The charges are based on the February 15th incident in Queen Beauty Supply in FL when the owner claimed Brown squirted hair gel at him and then attempted to push him and knock over his display shelves. A police officer who responded to the owner, Hayssam Ghoneim's call, told reporters that he had to employ a "take down maneuver" on the female rapper, after which he took her into custody. During a press conference on February 26th, she denied allegations and said that the Broward County Police were guilty of racial profiling and police brutality. On the first of March, Foxy pleaded guilty to violating her probation by traveling to Florida without permission and was ordered to continue her six month probation from an earlier assault charge.


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Say It Ain't So Whitney!

Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown had dinner together earlier this week -- but that doesn't mean she's done with Ray-J just yet!

The 43-year-old diva and the 26-year-old R&B hottie made Wednesday 'date night' at Crustacean in Beverly Hills. An annoyed Houston pushed through waiting paparazzi as she tried to get to her car, yelling "Get out of my way!" and "Why you in my face like that!?"
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I couldn't wait for Whitney to finally divorce Bobby so she could get back to the powerhouse singer that she is but this foolishness with Ray-J as got to stop! I've been skeptical about this 'romance' since it started and after watching this video the words 'publicity stunt' are screaming at me. Whitney to Ray-J about his ride: "that sh*t is off the chain," what the hell is that about I'm sure if they are dating she must have seen his ride before! Don't get me wrong Whitney deserves to be happy after everything that she has been through but this whole Ray-J thing just seems like a disastrous attempt to get some cheap publicity and not to mention that she is still acting like she's still on that stuff. It's not a question about the age difference but the fact that Ray-J looks as seedy as hell and he has got a sex tape to prove it!

J-Hud Is The New Face Of Avon

Actress JENNIFER HUDSON has signed on with cosmetics giant Avon to front a worldwide campaign for their new perfume. The DREAMGIRLS star - who won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in the hit film musical last month (FEB07) - is overjoyed at the prospect of representing new fragrance Imari Seduction for Avon's Imari range. She says, "This is an honour for me and very flattering." Avon's executive vice president LIZ SMITH is also delighted at the signing, citing Hudson's remarkable journey to the top as an important factor in attracting their target audience. She adds, "We believe that our Avon representatives and their customers will be truly inspired by Jennifer's dream-come-true success story."

R.Kelly ft T.I & T.Pain - I'm A Flirt {Video}

I'm not really feeling this track at all, nothing fresh just the same formulaic beats and lyrics! The video is just a standard R&B/Hip Hop video with girls writhing around half naked with no particular concept. Yawn!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

OJ Daniellyne's Dad?

ADD O.J. Simpson's name to the list of Anna Nicole Smith conquests. When the blond bombshell died last month and at least three men claimed to be the father of her baby girl, Dannielynn, the double-murder acquittee "said he was throwing his hat into the ring," Norm Pardo told Page Six. Pardo is the videographer who amassed 70 hours of footage of Simpson from 2000 to 2005. "He said he knew Anna Nicole pretty well, and he said he had slow-moving sperm, and he might be the father." Simpson and Smith were castmates in "Naked Gun 331/3: The Final Insult" (1994), and Anna Nicole was certainly O.J.'s type. His murdered wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, was also blond and busty. Simpson, who often visits the Bahamas, also joked to Pardo, "I hope they don't do a DNA test on Anna Nicole's baby. If they find out Dannielynn is mine, I don't want Fred Goldman trying to seize her money - or the baby herself."Source

OJ just needs to sit his ass down somewhere and stop with this mess! Some people will do and say anything for free publicity! *SMH*

Jackson 5 Reunion?

"Pop superstar MICHAEL JACKSON is reportedly on the brink of signing a $487 million (GBP250 million) contract to reunite THE JACKSON 5 for a series of concerts over the next three years. Jackson is said to be close to sealing a deal which would see The Jackson 5 performing 250 shows in Las Vegas over the next three years, with additional gigs planned worldwide - but the THRILLER star has been blamed for delaying the new plans."

Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne: Black Republicans

Monday, March 05, 2007

Naomi In GQ!

In a candid interview with GQ magazine the hot-tempered Supermodel talks about her cocaine use. She says:"It made me feel invincible, like I could conquer the world. But when you wake up the next day it's all gone and you feel awful. And the more you take drugs, the more you want and that's how you become an addict."

She is crazy as hell, throws the shit out of a mobile phone and holds the record for beating people's ass and getting away with it but even at 36 she is still the flyest Supermodel in the game!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Snippets Of Upcoming Beyonce Videos!

Here is a look at the rest of the upcoming videos from the B'day Anthology Album for
Green Light, Kitty Kat, Suga Mama and Get Me Bodied!

Bits And Pieces!

Chris Brown pictures are fake!.... Toya's World

Tyrese Launches 'The Alter Ego Tour' .... AllHipHop

Scott Storch Disses Timbaland! .... YouTube

Jigga babymother drama? .... Sandra Rose