Wednesday, March 28, 2007

2007 NAMIC Vision Awards

Raven Symone

Robi Reed

Robert Townsend

Shanice Wilson

Kimberly Elise

Denyce Lawton and Wesley Jonathan

Traci Bingham

Niecy Nash

Raven-Symoné and veteran casting director Robi Reed received top honors at the 13th Annual NAMIC Vision Awards. The NAMIC Vision Awards is the only entertainment industry event recognizing achievements in multi-ethnic, original cable programming.

NAMIC president said: "We are proud to honor Raven and Robi, two visionaries who have advanced the positive imagery of people of color on camera and behind-the-scenes."

Source: NAMIC

Jennifer Lopez @ TRL

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Random Pics

Jennifer Hudson and Patti LaBelle

P Diddy

Christina Aguilera

Halle Berry: 'Perfect Stranger' Photocall

I wonder if Halle is gasping because she saw a reflection of herself and realised how horrible that wig looks on her head! Not a good look at all!

Speaking of Halle, she is set to join more than 2,000 legends from stage and screen history with her own square on Hollywood's Walk of Fame April 3.

Grindhouse Premiere

Rosario Dawson

Eva Mendes

Rose McGowan

Marley Shelton

Quentin Tarantino and Vanessa Ferlito

Robert Rodriguez

Synopsis:Grindhouse is an homage to exploitation B-movie thrillers that combines two feature-length segments into one double-bill designed to replicate the grind house theatergoing experience of the 70s and 80s. In "Death Proof," a psycho named Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell) stalks and kills beautiful women with his car. In "Planet Terror," a small-town sheriffs' department has to deal with an outbreak of murderous, infected people called "sickos." A gun-legged woman named Cherry (Rose McGowan) and her martial arts-wielding partner (Freddy Rodriguez) take on the zombie army. The two films will be fused together by fake movie trailers.

Grindhouse Trailer:
In Cinmeas: April 6


Monday, March 26, 2007

Eve Covers Giant Magazine

Triple threat entertainer Eve goes back to her hip-hop roots after a four-year sabbatical to concentrate on her self-titled UPN sitcom and fashion line, Fetish. On the cusp of her new pop/rap album, Here I Am, Eve gets chained up and glam on the April/May 2007 cover of GIANT Magazine.

In a candid interview with GIANT contributor Regina Robertson, the 28-year-old self-pronounced “pitbull in a skirt” shares her thoughts on everything from MySpace to Jay-Z to sex tapes to the state of hip hop music.

Outlined below are select passages from GIANT’s cover feature with Eve entitled: “Bound to Win.”

“I was hurt by it. But what kept me calm was that everybody knew he was my boyfriend. Not that I wanted people to see me having sex, but it wasn’t like I was getting gangbanged – that would have been crazy.”

“For me, it all started with (D4L’s) ‘Laffy Taffy.’ When I first heard that song on the radio, I just knew it was a joke, but then I kept hearing it. Every artist has the right to do what they want, but I don’t believe in making that kind of music. It’s disposable. Hip-hop is in cardiac arrest, but I think it’s revivable.”

“I used to roll in the car with my high school friends listening to Biggie and Kim. (But we were) not speaking, for whatever reason. When my publicist told me we would be sitting across from each other, I was like, ‘Are you serious?’ There wasn’t any real beef, but I just didn’t want any tension. But we ended up talking, like really talking, for forty-five minutes. We even exchanged numbers. I’d love to do a joint with Kim. I really want to see her come back, you know?”

“I’m going to love who loves me, and if I’m attracted to a person, I’m attracted to them. I’ve had black men say to me, ‘Oh, I heard you were dating a white man.’ It’s like, ‘Have I gone out with (a white man)? Yes. Am I dating someone white? No, but if I was, it would be my choice, so stay out of my business.’”

For more with Eve, as well as Daddy Yankee, Joss Stone, Young Buck and Amy Winehouse, check out the new issue on newsstands everywhere!


Kelly Visits TRL

Kelly stopped by TRL today to premiere her new video Like This (see earlier post)and she is doing the damn thing, she looks as gorgeous as ever. Definite Upgrade! It seems like she means business this time around. I only hope the album is filled with bangers so she can finally get the props that she truly deserves!

pic credit: kellyrowlandweb

Redman: Put It Down {Video}

Candids: Joss Stone & Cameron Diaz