Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lloyd: Get It Shawty! {Video}

This is the second single from Lloyd's sophomore album Street Love. This was produced by Usher's little brother, J-Lack and its not a bad effort at all. Its a nice track with smooth production and it suits Lloyd's voice. The first single You, was huge and it seems like Street Love is gonna do big things in 2007!

Simon Cowell Disses J-Hud!

Simon Cowell targeted his sharp tongue on new Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson:

"Jennifer Hudson said American Idol was a 'stepping stone' for her. Stepping stone? It was her big opportunity to become noticed and she got noticed and she got Dreamgirls," Cowell said, noting that other past contestants "deliberately turn against the show that made them successful. The reason (people) come on the show is because all the doors had been slammed in their face." (Source)

I have always been a Simon Cowell fan because he always speaks the truth but this time he has gone too far. Why can't he just let Jennifer bask in her Oscar glory without him having a dig at her. He just cant accept the fact that although she didn't win American Idol she has gone on to bigger and better things than than some of the winners. So what if she doesn't attribute her success to American Idol? Jennifer was right when she said it was 'stepping stone' because if it wasn't for her sheer determination she wouldn't be where she is today. The ridicule she faced when she was a contestant on the show, could have easily made her lose confidence in her abilities. Simon should congratulate her for what she has achieved and get over it!

Kelis Arrested In Miami

Kelis was arrested in Miami in the early hours of Friday morning (March 2) for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. According to TMZ, two police women were working as undercover prostitutes when the Milkshake singer started screaming racial profanities at them. She rushed towards them and had to be detained by her friends before she calmed down. She resisted arrest when she was being handcuffed.

This is one of the most bizarre incidents I've ever come across. So I guess Miami police ain't got a damn thing to do but pose as prostitutes instead of fighting serious crime. Kelis must have been on that stuff because why would she just scream racial abuse at two random prostitutes on the street! All I have got to say is that Nas, you need to come and take care of your wife she needs some attention from you!

I guess she better change the Bossy lyrics to: "I'm the first girl to get arrested for screaming at Pros!"

Caption This!

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves! *Sigh*

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Chris Brown Exposed!

It seems like when Ne-Yo's sidekick got hacked into last year, Chris Brown was living under a rock somewhere because now the same thing as allegedly happened to the Run It singer. Imagine my surprise when I heard it contained explicit images of him. NOT! Chris is barely legal and I can honestly say, personally I'm not even a little bit tempted to see what he is working with.

When will these celebrities ever learn not to take or make compromising pictures and videos of themselves. It always ends up the wrong hands and you can be sure that it will be all over the net in a matter of days! I only hope this is not the Chris Brown publicity machine working because he is at the point in his career where he doesn't really need this kind of publicity but I'm sure it wont hurt!

Apparently the pictures that were circulating of Chris Brown are fake!

Bobbbaay Finally Free!

Bobby Brown was released from jail today, after he was arrested three days ago for failing to make his child support payments. This is a classic case of how the mighty have fallen, the former King of R&B could not even afford to pay the $19,000 to post bail, so instead DC Radio Station Hot 99.5 DJ Kane, offered to pay it for him, if in return he would appear on his radio show for a week.

This is exactly why he should have listened when Whitney said Crack is Cheap, yep its so damn cheap you can't even afford 19Gs to bail yourself out of the slammer and that is wack!

Beyonce On TRL, Kelly

B looks really cute here although I'm not sure about this outfit, it seems to be from The House Of Do Wrong. But since B released two hot vids today and the shoe game is on point! I'm gonna let it slide so don't get me started on that weave!

Speaking of Beyonce, Kelly's new track is rumored to be Like This featuring Eve. To say the least this track is a big disappointment and not good enough for a first single. I keep saying that Kelly needs to do the business if she wants to compete with the cream of the crop on the R&B scene but if this album filler is the best she can do then she might as well forget it! The track is nice but I repeat not strong enough to be a comeback single it just hasn't got the wow factor! Come on Miss Kelly, you got the voice to bring the house down you just need the right tracks. Sort it out please!

Listen to Like This here

Beyonce Ft Jay-Z: Upgrade U {Video}

Now this is the video I have been waiting on from B since she released B'day. This is by far the hottest track on the album and I have been bumping this for months now. I must say it was worth the wait because this is hot hot! Beyonce sizzles on screen and dare I say it even Jigga looks good! I'm digging the whole ghetto fabulous, hip hop theme since the song sounds so grimey. I know the lyrics ain't saying much but with a video this banging who cares if a five year old could have written it. Again this proves that love her or hate her B knows how to deliver the hotness! All I have got to say is that Kelly needs to come hard if she is gonna match this because B is setting the standard now and looking hella good while she is doing it! Like she says in the song its a good look!

Look out for the videos for Get Me Bodied and Green Light, which will feature appearances from Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams and Solange). They will be featured on the Anthology Video Album DVD or the B'Day Deluxe Album out April 3 as well as Beautiful Liar and Upgrade U.

Beyonce & Shakira; Beautiful Liar {Video}

Beyonce premiered her new video Beautiful Liar, a duet with Shakira on TRL today. I'm not sure about this song at all, I expected them to be breaking new ground with this song since they are two of the most talented singers in the industry but it comes off a bit flat and recycled. Although the whole twin concept is cute, it kinda looks like a bad 80s video gone wrong, saying that they both look banging!

As usual Shakira is killing it with the belly dancing moves and Beyonce aint too bad either. This reminds me of my favourite Shakira video La Tortura.

The girl can move!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Joe: Where You At? {Video}

I know this song has been around since early last year but its so good I keep coming back to it again and again. Joe is such an underrated player in the game and he proves it by executing this song perfectly with his silky vocals, coupled with Papoose's smooth flow its a sure classic.

Look out for his new album, Aint Nothing Like Me, dropping April 24th.