Thursday, March 01, 2007

Beyonce Ft Jay-Z: Upgrade U {Video}

Now this is the video I have been waiting on from B since she released B'day. This is by far the hottest track on the album and I have been bumping this for months now. I must say it was worth the wait because this is hot hot! Beyonce sizzles on screen and dare I say it even Jigga looks good! I'm digging the whole ghetto fabulous, hip hop theme since the song sounds so grimey. I know the lyrics ain't saying much but with a video this banging who cares if a five year old could have written it. Again this proves that love her or hate her B knows how to deliver the hotness! All I have got to say is that Kelly needs to come hard if she is gonna match this because B is setting the standard now and looking hella good while she is doing it! Like she says in the song its a good look!

Look out for the videos for Get Me Bodied and Green Light, which will feature appearances from Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams and Solange). They will be featured on the Anthology Video Album DVD or the B'Day Deluxe Album out April 3 as well as Beautiful Liar and Upgrade U.

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