Thursday, March 01, 2007

Chris Brown Exposed!

It seems like when Ne-Yo's sidekick got hacked into last year, Chris Brown was living under a rock somewhere because now the same thing as allegedly happened to the Run It singer. Imagine my surprise when I heard it contained explicit images of him. NOT! Chris is barely legal and I can honestly say, personally I'm not even a little bit tempted to see what he is working with.

When will these celebrities ever learn not to take or make compromising pictures and videos of themselves. It always ends up the wrong hands and you can be sure that it will be all over the net in a matter of days! I only hope this is not the Chris Brown publicity machine working because he is at the point in his career where he doesn't really need this kind of publicity but I'm sure it wont hurt!

Apparently the pictures that were circulating of Chris Brown are fake!

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