Saturday, March 03, 2007

Kelis Arrested In Miami

Kelis was arrested in Miami in the early hours of Friday morning (March 2) for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. According to TMZ, two police women were working as undercover prostitutes when the Milkshake singer started screaming racial profanities at them. She rushed towards them and had to be detained by her friends before she calmed down. She resisted arrest when she was being handcuffed.

This is one of the most bizarre incidents I've ever come across. So I guess Miami police ain't got a damn thing to do but pose as prostitutes instead of fighting serious crime. Kelis must have been on that stuff because why would she just scream racial abuse at two random prostitutes on the street! All I have got to say is that Nas, you need to come and take care of your wife she needs some attention from you!

I guess she better change the Bossy lyrics to: "I'm the first girl to get arrested for screaming at Pros!"

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Ryder said...

What a stupid thing to get arrested for, poor Kelis.