Thursday, March 01, 2007

Beyonce On TRL, Kelly

B looks really cute here although I'm not sure about this outfit, it seems to be from The House Of Do Wrong. But since B released two hot vids today and the shoe game is on point! I'm gonna let it slide so don't get me started on that weave!

Speaking of Beyonce, Kelly's new track is rumored to be Like This featuring Eve. To say the least this track is a big disappointment and not good enough for a first single. I keep saying that Kelly needs to do the business if she wants to compete with the cream of the crop on the R&B scene but if this album filler is the best she can do then she might as well forget it! The track is nice but I repeat not strong enough to be a comeback single it just hasn't got the wow factor! Come on Miss Kelly, you got the voice to bring the house down you just need the right tracks. Sort it out please!

Listen to Like This here

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