Friday, March 09, 2007

Foxy Faces New Charges!

Prosecutors in Florida filed battery and resisting arrest charges against the artist. The charges are based on the February 15th incident in Queen Beauty Supply in FL when the owner claimed Brown squirted hair gel at him and then attempted to push him and knock over his display shelves. A police officer who responded to the owner, Hayssam Ghoneim's call, told reporters that he had to employ a "take down maneuver" on the female rapper, after which he took her into custody. During a press conference on February 26th, she denied allegations and said that the Broward County Police were guilty of racial profiling and police brutality. On the first of March, Foxy pleaded guilty to violating her probation by traveling to Florida without permission and was ordered to continue her six month probation from an earlier assault charge.


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