Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Kelly Gets Glamourous

Kelly Rowland takes a mini break from her London promo tour to attend Glamour Magazine's Women Of The Year Awards earlier this evening.

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Kelly is doing the damn thing in this dress. Loves it!

In a recent interview with Britsh magazine You, Kelly admits that she is so obsessed with her shoes she talks to them. She says:

"I'm obsessive about shoes! It's actually really sick, because I have a whole shoe closet about this big, from here to here, and I actually talk to my shoes - that's weird right?

"Well, I love shoes, and when I get a new pair I introduce one lady to the rest of the ladies."

Kelly also talks about being obsessively tidy unlike Beyonce and Michelle Williams, she reveals:

"Beyoncé's a Virgo but she's so not tidy! It drove me nuts.

"Michelle's not tidy either, so I would actually get on their nerves because I was picking up everything, saying 'Come on, honey, your shoes; put them in this corner of the bus.'

"I'm a neat freak."

There seems to be a pattern here Kelly might a bit obsessive compulsive but I'm bemused as to why she doesn't apply this same dedication to her music. Sometimes it really seems like she wants to stay out of the spotlight and be remembered as a Destiny Child's backing singer. Come on Kelly, you have got way too much talent for that you need to step upto the plate and show some drive and determination if you wanna be a true star in your own right

Of course Beyonce ain't got no damn time to clean up she is busy thinking about world domination and who the hell needs to be tidy when you are busing counting cheques.

Kelly also performed her new single Like This on British breakfast show GMTV this morning. Watch the clip below {courtesy of ThatGrapeJuice}

I'm still not loving Like This but I'm a big Kelly fan so it's slowly growing on me. As I have said before I don't think it's a good choice for a first single it's just not hot enough and the fact that it's a slow burner isn't doing any wonders for it in the charts at the moment. Anyway the rest of the album sounds much better...thank God! Make sure you get a copy of Ms Kelly when it drops July 3 or better yet pre-order it here.

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