Friday, June 08, 2007

Paris Hilton Is Sent Back To Jail!

Paris Hilton was dragged back to jail kicking and screaming today. So understandably this whole Paris Hilton jail fiasco has been kicking up a storm in the media all day. Basically she's gone from being a prisoner in a cell for 3 days, to being a prisoner in her own home, to being sent back to prison again.

LMAO! Yes Paris was ordered back to court today by Judge Sauer to explain why she was released yesterday for "medical reasons" after only serving five days (not full days) of her 23-day sentence at Lynwood Correctional Facility.

She was taken from her house to court this morning in handcuffs only to be told by Judge Sauer that she has to return to jail to serve her 45-day sentence.

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Well as you know I have no sympathy for Paris at all but this is what you get when you think you are above the law. Paris was not content to serve her 23 days sentence, which was reduced from 45 days she had to invent some "medical reason" to get an early release from the slammer. We all know there was not a damn thing wrong with her, her lawyers just used this little 'technicality' to get her to serve the rest of her sentence at home (with an electronic tag) but it was not to be Judge Sauer was having none of it so he sent her ass back where she belongs - in jail.

She screamed: "It's not fair," as she was lead away by the sheriff's deputies back to Lynwood. LOL! Of course it is fair Paris, this proves that there is in fact some justice left in the world!

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