Tuesday, March 20, 2007

'Pride' Lionsgate Screening in Hollywood

Director Sunu Gunera and Terrence Howard

Gary Sturgis, Sunu Gonera and Terrence

Regine Nehy

Malinda Williams and Eva Longoria

Cast: Terrence Howard, Kimberly Elise, Evan Ross, Bernie Mac, Tom Arnold, Regine Nehy, Kevin Phillips, Brandon Fobbs, Alphonso McAuley, Nate Parker, Scott Reeves, Gary Sturgis


Based on true events, Lionsgate’s P.D.R. tells the inspiring story of Jim Ellis, a charismatic schoolteacher in the 1970s who changed lives forever when he founded an African-American swim team in one of Philadelphia’s roughest neighborhoods.

The year is 1973, and Jim Ellis (Terence Howard), a college-educated African-American, can’t find a job. Driven by his love of competitive swimming, Jim fixes up an abandoned recreational pool hall in a Philadelphia slum with the help of Elston (Bernie Mac), a local janitor. But when the pool hall is marked for demolition, Jim fights back – by starting the city’s first African-American swim team. Recruiting troubled teens from the streets, Jim struggles to transform a motley team of novices into capable swimmers – all in time for the upcoming state championships. But as racism, violence and an unsympathetic city official threaten to tear the team apart, Jim must do everything he can to convince his swimmers that victory, both in and out of the pool, is within their reach…

By turns comic, rousing and poignant, P.D.R. is a triumphant story about team spirit and courage in the face of overwhelming odds.

Pride Trailer:

Pride will be released in the US March 23.


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