Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dear Lawd: Please Help Serena!

I am big fan of Serena Williams but it saddens me that she continually leaves her house looking like a tranny on crack. I have always wondered if money can make you look good, it worked for Tom Cruise but it is clear that this is so not the case with Serena! Why she would leave he house looking a hot mess like this is beyond me! I'm sure there ain't no mirrors in the Williams mansion because unless she is blind as bat she can't really think she looks good in this get up! Where should I start? From the riduculous dry weave down to the toes there is just so many different levels of wrong its exhausting to look at! Ofcourse everyone can't look good all the time but with Serena it has become a pattern for her to turn up to these different celebrity events looking like she just rolled out of bed!

I can't wait for her to get back on the tennis tour because she makes more effort there and she is winning games. Serena is a highly intelligent girl and I have always admired her strength and determination but if she insists on doing the rounds on the celebrity circuit the least she could do is hire a stylist to make her look presentable! I'm sure her mom, Oracene will be upset when she tells her that she can't allow her to put any more horse weaves in her head but she will get over it! How do I know her mom does her hair? Well show me a professional hairstylist who has done Serena's hair and I would personally have them whipped! Come on...ofcourse she never paid for someone to that, that would just be a step too far and something not even worth contemplating because then I would have way too much to pray about!

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