Saturday, March 24, 2007

Jennifer Lopez Sees Heaven In Marc Anthony!

In an interview with Italian Vanity Fair Jennifer Lopez talks candidly about her relationship with husband Marc Anthony:

On why her relationship works:
"We aren't the type to separate our lives from our work," Lopez told Italian Vanity Fair. "It's a synergy: music, cinema, the everyday things and most importantly, our love."

On her love for Anthony:
"How do I love? With all of myself, passionately, without regard for the mistakes which one inevitably makes," she says. "Let me put it as I have in my song: 'Amo como una mujer, que vee en su hombre el paraƬso (I love like a woman who sees heaven in her man).' "
On her past relationships:
"I have no regrets, but these new experiences have transformed me," she says. "Today, I am trying to reach higher standards in my art. I won't settle for less. This applies to both music and cinema."

On having a baby soon:
"That's not something you should ask me," she says. "It's a question for God to answer."

On what habits she’s changed:
"I don't enjoy shopping like I used to… I rarely stop. I'm like an engine that is constantly on," she admits. "But when I get a free day, then I do absolutely nothing. I stay in at home in my tracksuit, I sleep, spend hours on the phone talking to my mother and my friends."

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