Sunday, March 18, 2007

Don Cheadle To Play Miles Davis In New Biopic

Don Cheadle is set to star, produce and make his directorial debut on a biopic of Miles Davis. reports Stephen J. Rivele and Chris Wilkinson ("Nixon") are writing the script based on the life of the jazz legend.The film is one of five announced films by Cheadle's production company, Crescendo.
Cheadle's other projects include:
"Traitor" - a political drama where Cheadle plays an operative embedded in a terrorist organization.
"Quest to Ref" - Cheadle portrays a lawyer who changes careers to become a referee for the NBA.
"Broken Adonis" - follows an ex-con (Cheadle) who an unlikely relationship with a border patrol officer and her young informant.
"Marching Powder" -Brad Pitt co-stars in this film about a drug dealer (Cheadle) who spends five years as a tour guide in the notorious San Pedro Prison in Bolivia.


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