Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dallas Austin Does Damage Control!

Well what do you know Dallas Austin has released a statement apologising to Christina Aguilera and Joss Stone. He released the following statement to the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

"Every action generates an equal and opposite reaction. My statement about Christina Aguilera and Joss Stone was a reaction to an incident I care not to discuss in any forum, and while I may have felt justified, I do owe an apology to Christina, Joss and their families."

"The comments I made about Christina Aguilera and Joss Stone were purely an act of retaliation not of malice or cruel intent," Austin continued. "As we all have our boiling points, I sincerely apologize as this is not my character nor should I have let anyone's actions push me to this limit. I have let my family, friends, employees and business associates down with my actions."

"All content and any malicious statements that were in my control have been removed from outlets that may have posted this. Please accept this as my formal statement and apology to all parties involved."

Dallas we know you are not really sorry, you are just saying all this to save your career! Don't worry we blame the drugs but if you are gonna talk shit about anyone next time make sure you are man enough to stand by what you said!

[pic credit: Dlisted]

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