Thursday, May 03, 2007

Solange Poised To Take Over Music World

Solange is set to take over as pop superstar Beyonce's manager once their father Mathew Knowles steps aside in five years time. She said: "In five years I'll be answering those calls. I'll be the president and CEO."

I know like myself, you must have all wondered what the hell does Solange Knowles do because her film career hasn't exactly popped off and lord knows she was never gonna win no Oscars for her performances in films like the Johnson Family Vacation and Bring It On: All Or Nothing. Oh I almost forgot she had a short lived singing career with the classic album, Solo Star and my spies tell me that another classic is due soon. At least now we have to wonder no more since she is poised to take over the Music World Empire.

You know Matthew Knowles and Mama Knowles ain't playing, its world domination for the Knowles clan. At the moment Beyonce is arguably the biggest pop star in the world and Mama Knowles' fashion line House Of Do Wrong is doing the business in the fashion world. Who needs Dior when you can "shake your derriere in the House Of Derion"? And finally Solange is getting her chance to shine, I'm just waiting for baby Daniel to drop his classic album, Yo It's Baby D on his fifth birthday and that will complete the set!

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