Thursday, May 03, 2007

Jamelia Turned Off By De Niro's Chat Up Lines

British R&B star Jamelia was left bemused by Robert De Niro's attempt to chat her up recently - he called her a "delicious chocolate thing".

The Superstar singer met the actor after she sang in front of celebrities including De Niro at a private party - but had to let him down gently by telling him she is already in a relationship with soccer star Darren Byfield.

She recalls, "I'd heard he's got a thing for black women, but I thought it was just a rumour. So I was amazed when he told organisers at this party that he wasn't leaving till he met me.

"At the end of the night we were finally introduced, but he was so full on, straight away - talking about how I was a delicious chocolate thing.

"Then he started to churn out more chat-up lines, like, 'Don't you want to be my leading lady?' and, 'Come on, I'm not taking no for an answer.' "He was very persistent, but I had to put a stop to it. I was flattered but I told him in no uncertain terms that it was not going to happen. I said I had a boyfriend."


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