Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Buzz!

Kelly Rowland Gets Wet & Wild with King

Kelly graces the cover of King's June/July wet issue and I have to say she looks as gorgeous as ever but its still kinda boring since this is King Magazine we are talking about here I hope the scans inside make up for this. View behind the scene footage of the shoot at KING.COM.

Its good to see that she has stepped her promotion game up for the forthcoming July 3rd release of her sophomore album, Ms Kelly. I know like my me you can't wait for Ms Kelly to finally drop but I still keep thinking more should be done for it to garner the same heat as Rihanna's Good Girl Gone Bad album. Anyway although there is more to be done Kelly is on the right track she is getting mad press all over the place because everyone wants her album to do really well.

With the mention of mad press, she also covers the new issue of Bleu Magazine:

While you are patiently waiting for Kelly's "comeback" listen to snippets from Ms Kelly here

Speaking of Rihanna, here she is leaving her hotel in Paris yesterday clutching her new cd:
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She is still on her whirlwind European tour promoting Good Girl Gone Bad, which is due for release June 5. I have got a good feeling about this album and its set to do big things with Umbrella already topping the charts in the UK and Ireland and top 10 in Russia, Sweden and Finland.

Rihanna was in Prague earlier this week shooting the video for her new single Shut Up And Drive. As I keep saying Def Jam is not letting up on the promo blitz for Good Girl Gone Bad, they are so confident that it's going to do well they offered Rihanna a $600,000 budget for the Shut Up And Drive video. Surely she has hit the big time now! Peep pics from the video shoot below:

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50 Cent Bumps Back Curtis & Covers Vibe Magazine

All this talk of promos and new releases reminds me: 50 cent as bumped back the release of his third album Curtis from June 26 to Sept. 4. Fiddy's excuse is that he wants all his international fans to get the album at the same time as his US fans. Whatever you say 50, so it's not because new singles Amusement Park and Straight to the Bank are both garbage then. mmm!

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Like Kelly and Riri, Fiddy is getting his promo on, he covers the July issue of Vibe Magazine looking as constipated as hell. I wonder WTF Vibe bosses were thinking when they decided on this shot for the cover, although the headline asks: "Who is afraid of 50 Cent?" I think they should ask "Who is laughing at 50 Cent" because this shit is sure as funny as hell to me. I wonder what Cam'ron thinks about this? Lol!

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Well gimmicks aside Fiddy is forever on the grind and now he is laughing "straight to the bank" since Coca-Cola purchased Glacéau, a company that produces vitamin water for $4.1 billion dollars which he invested in. He invested in the company in 2004 and owns 10% of the company. According to reports Fiddy is set to earn an estimated $400 million dollars from the sale. You gotta respect Fiddy's hustle he chats pure shit most times but his business ventures are always on point.

B-Rocka Can't Catch A Break, Sued Again

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R&B star Brandy Norwood has been hit with another lawsuit connected to the December (06) car crash that cost her a job as a judge on U.S. TV show America'S Got Talent.

Mallory Ham, one of the survivors of the fatal car crash the singer/actress stands accused of causing, has filed suit in Los Angeles, stating Brandy should not have been speeding in her Range Rover on the 405 freeway in California.

In the lawsuit, Ham states Brandy "recklessly wantonly, unlawfully, and maliciously" operated the car responsible for causing a collision that claimed the life of Awatef Aboudihaj.

Ham, who is the third person suing Norwood over the crash, claims she was "severely injured" as a result of the multi-car accident, and is demanding the singer pay her medical bills as well as her legal costs and punitive damages.

Meanwhile, Norwood has responded to a wrongful death suit filed against her as a result of the accident.

In her papers, the singer denies allegations against her and calls for a jury trial, so she can face the charges levelled against her.

Poor lamb, Brandy really can't catch a break, this was an unfortunate accident but everyone seems determined to get their pound of flesh because Brandy is a celebrity. With lawsuits flying from left to right I'm sure Brandy must be really distressed because not only did someone die in the accident but her recording career is in the wilderness at the moment. Not to mention that her hoe of a brother is pimping himself around Hollywood when he should be comforting his poor sis. My prayers are with you Brandy I know what it feels like to be kicked when you're down.


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