Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lil Kim To Pose For Playboy

What do you do when you are a washed up ex-convict with your music career down in the dumps? Pose for Playboy of course...well apparently Lil Kim is considering a centerfold in the magazine's December 2008 issue to try and save her fledging career.

According to reports Playboy creator Hugh Hefner has been courting the self confessed black barbie for years, "I am willing to shell out any amount for Kim, I’ve been trying to get her to do it for years! Hugh exclaims."

Ok, without a doubt this is one of those WTF? moments but in all honesty no one wants to see Kim posed in her clothes not to mention naked. There are just no words to describe the current state that Lil Kim is in due to what she has subjected herself to because of her obsession with the surgeon's knife but she needs to keep that sh*t to herself.

There is just no need for this at all, I dread to think how much over time her re-toucher will have to do because he/she will have to photoshop the hell out of those pics. I know I keep saying it but sometimes these jokes just write themselves. SMH!

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