Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Some People Never Learn!

I wonder what the hell Fantasia was thinking when she took these snaps of herself on her cellphone with her ass up in the air for all to see! I know she's got a literacy problem but hell she must have known that this would end up on the net somehow! Damn, thats all I'm saying I'm tired of seeing this kind of shit all over the net, its like Ne-Yo all over again! I'm just waiting for the nightmares! Celebrities need a manual of what not to do and make sure that not taking NSFW pictures on your cellphone is at number one! *SMH*



MsLovely101 said...

lol lol lmao........I guess she was trying to practice for her music video....doubt that she was working out.

QS_Bird said...

poor cell phone might broke now!!!!!
sorry never was a Fantasia fan