Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Next Big Thing: Sterling Simms

Sterling Simms is a new R&B artist on Def Jam. His first single is "Nasty Girl."

About Sterling Simms

Choosing classic soul auteurs Teddy Riley, New Edition and Brian McKnight as musical inspiration could have been imposing for some, but in the case of newcomer Sterling Simms the truth is in the grooves. Like the missing link between new jack swing and the current R&B scene, Sterling’s debut disc is a welcome detour from the usual scenarios laid down by his contemporaries.

“My main goal while constructing my album was to create a different kind of soul album,” the Philadelphia native explains. “I wanted to capture diverse sounds that I once jammed to on the radio when I was a kid.” The first single, “Jump Off” is the perfect introduction to Sterling’s skills. Be it the bedroom or the club, “Jump Off” can provide the soundtrack.

“Me and one of my writing partners Steve-O were in the studio one night, and “Jump Off” just flowed out of our pens,” Sterling explains. “After he had penned the hook, all it took was forty-five minutes for us to complete the song.”

On songwriting, Sterling commented, “I think the best songs are those many people can relate. In all of my songs, whether written by me or others, I want to convey truthful experiences that will connect with the public.”

Sterling Simms ft Sean Paul - Jump Off:

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