Monday, April 09, 2007

Pic Of The Day: Madonna & Guy Ritchie Potrait

Madonna and Guy, as painted by Peter Howson

She's dominant, distant, almost manly. He's adoringly subservient. So does this new, far from flattering picture of Madonna and Guy paint them in a more accurate light than they care to admit?

For a woman who is notoriously sensitive about her advancing years, it is the cruellest of images.

A bloated blonde reclines naked on a green drape, her strangely masculine yet heavily made-up features gazing straight at the artist in a grotesque parody of seductiveness, while a shaven-headed, thuggish admirer paws at her pasty flesh.

In fact the image in question is the latest portrait of Madonna and Guy Ritchie by the renowned artist Peter Howson, which went on public display for the first time this week and is on sale for £15,000.


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