Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Novel Will Never Work With Joss Stone Again!

Music producer NOVEL has vowed never to work with singer JOSS STONE again after a dispute over songwriting credits. Novel claims Stone reworked some of the songs they wrote together to ensure he received no credit on her third album INTRODUCING JOSS STONE. He says, "She did a little bit of writing, but I wrote, produced, arranged, vocal arranged, did backgrounds. "I was never paid for the songs - I just get my publishing. "Now she has this record with (producer) RAPHAEL (SAADIQ) and they changed some of the songs. I got no production credits, I didn't get paid, so let me at least get what's rightfully mine as a writer. "She didn't want to do that. There's only so much you can take from one person. She talks in interviews and starts s**tting on everybody. It's wrong." Stone's spokesperson was unavailable for comment.



Anonymous said...

Thats EXACTLY same thing she did with Beau Doziers song for the album too!!! she ripped him off in same way
AND IF u read the full interview with Novel u will see she DID sleep with him,she DOES fuck for tracks,and she DOES behave like a spoilt brat
AND u will see,the songs she claimed to have written,were actually written for another artist!!
Here is the NOVEL interview

AND ontop of that,if u read here [at the bottom] u will see saadiq has a history of ripping off ppls songs

Hotloca said...

I did read the interview and you are right she did sleep with Novel he implied as much. She better be careful because her reputation is seriously going down the pan!

Anonymous said...

YEP,she slept with Novel,and previously Beau and now Saadiq!!!
Beau wrote a song for the album,called NOTHING BETTER THAN ..Its a bonus/itunes track,but she did same to him,as she did to Novel!!
Stupid lil girl,she could do with a bit of rehab,and I mean proper rehab,not just need publicity rehab!!