Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mega Upgrade!

Cannes Film Festival

Kelly Rowland poses for pictures at the De Grisogono Terrace during Cannes Film Festival (22May)

Kelly also did a showcase at the De Grisogono party Monday night.
Check out the clip here (courtesy of

This is what I like to see, Kelly is on the grind and getting her publicity on for the release of her sophomore album Ms Kelly. As I keep saying I hope this album does really big things for Kelly because she is very talented and it's her big chance to shine.

Kelly also graces the cover of Pride magazine's June issue:

I still wish they would change these set of promo pics because I'm not feeling them at all, it's too much airbrushing and they just don't do Kelly's beauty any justice at all.

Kimora Lee Simmons and new man Djimon Hounsou attended the De Grisogono Party in Cannes
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The tranny has got a man! Lol! I never really thought I would say this but Kimora looks banging here but as we have come to expect from her the face is caked up with 50 pounds of make-up. Oh well at least she knows how to pick 'em, Dijimon looks as sexy as hell!

Red carpet regular, Kerry Washington is also in France for the Cannes Film Festival
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Don't get me wrong I love Kelly but is she even working, she seems to be at all these parties and film premieres yet I can't remember when or what was her last film.

Eve's new video for "Tambourine" will premiere on BET Access Granted and tomorrow (24May). Check out the pictures from the video shoot below:
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Eve pleaded not guilty to driving under the influence (DUI) yesterday (22May). She faces a maximum penalty of a $1,000 fine and six months in jail if found guilty.

Eve did not appear in the Los Angeles court, her attorney entered the plea on her behalf, while a court hearing was set for June 28.

Mya Covers Vibe Vixen Magazine
I don't what it is about Mya but there is something missing, personally I think she's got all the right ingredients to really pop off, she is pretty, a good dancer and she as a nice voice but she has failed to hit the big time. I just don't understand it at all and now her new album, Liberation as been pushed back again so it doesn't really seem like she is gonna make it this time around either. It doesn't help that she is rumoured to have slept with most of the hip hop community, it seems like she is shedding some light on that situation in Vibe Vixen.

Speaking of Mya she hit up the DDCLAB & Surface Magazine party in New York last night

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Umm she looks nice.

Janet & Jermaine Dupri leaving Nobu Berkley Restaurant restaurant in London
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JD told MTV last week that Janet will be joining him at Island Records, where he is the president of urban music and I have to say I don't think it's a wise move at all considering Janet's last album, 20 Y.O flopped under JD's productions and guidance at Virgin. Janet will have to accept that although their relationship is going strong (they have been dating for 5 years now) they are just not a match made in music heaven.

Tyrese, Ginuwine & Tank form group

According to Allhiphop Tyrese, Ginuwine & Tank have formed a R&B Supergroup called TGT.

TGT can be heard together on the remix to Tank's current single "Please Don't Go," but the newly formed group has new plans for TGT in the future, including an international tour. While on tour TGT will also have auditions to find its fourth member in an American Idol type format.

TGT is currently in the studio now working on their debut album.

It's just not fair for some much sexiness to be in one group, well excluding Ginuwine of course because he's gone down now and tend to be too greasy for my liking but Tank is way up there on the hotness scale and Tyrese has still got it. I don't really know where I stand on supergroups but all three are talented and have been successful in their own right so it will be good to see what they will come up with.


50 Cent: Straight To The Bank {Video}

For some reason I missed this video last week I wonder why, yes you guessed it dry as hell (well the minute that I could bare to watch). Oh, Golden Brooks makes an appearance. Don't ask me why ask 50, I can't believe that out of all the video hoes this is the best that he could come with. I guess her services must have been cheap but again I have to ask why since Fiddy isn't really strapped for cash!

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