Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Buzz!

Prince Tour Announcement Photocall

Prince announced had a press conference today to announce that he will perform 21 concerts in London later this year (07) . The Purple Rain star will kick-off his London residency on 1 August with seven nights at the 20,000 capacity O2 Arena, formerly known as the Millennium Dome. The remaining 14 gigs will take place at various venues around the British capital. Tickets for the concerts, some of which will be secret at small venues, will cost GBP31.21, a reference to the title of Prince's last album 3121.

Rihanna co-hosting TRL

Rihanna has defended the speedy release of her latest album, Good Girl Gone Bad, whichis her third LP in two years. She insists that Def Jam are so confident in her abilities, they will continue to bombard the charts with her singles and albums.

She says, "It's a nonstop pace, very speedily, and Def Jam does not play, that's all I can tell you. "We just keep going and going - it's fun, we make sure that we have fun while we do it. "My sound has changed. It's a lot edgier than the rest of the stuff that anyone has heard from me before. I'm singing about different things, it's a lot sexier."
According to FMQB, "Shut Up and Drive" will be her next single releasing June 5, 2007.

"Shrek the Third" Los Angeles Premiere

Mary J. Blige and family

Eddie Murphy
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Speaking of Eddie, Tracey Edmonds has admitted that she questioned Eddie about his romance with former Spice Girl, Mel B because she was convinced he was still seeing Mel behind her back when their relationship started.

She says: "I think, for any female, hearing that kind of stuff is just like... That hits you for a second. Then you go, 'You're not talking to Mel B are you?' "You have the natural female reaction where I'm like, 'You guys had already broken up for quite a few months, so why is she so devastated?' "He's like, 'Do not read any of that stuff in the tabloids. It's all BS...She is not shocked by the fact that I'm dating somebody new because we broke up several months ago. You have to know that what I'm telling you is the truth."

Tracey really needs to get the ho sit down award for chatting this shit, she knows Eddie was seeing Mel B when she got with him, so there is no need for her to come with this now. He was only seeing Mel B for six months so how the hell could he have broken up with her months before when we saw them everywhere together until his now infamous appearance on a Dutch talk show denying he was the father of Mel B's baby.

I think Tracey should leave Eddie's crusty ass alone because he ain't said a damn word since this fiasco began its just been her and Mel playing themselves in the media and looking a fool while he is sauntering around the place with his suspect self.

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