Thursday, April 05, 2007

Lil Mama: Lip Gloss {Video}

Hailing out of the East New York section of Brooklyn, Lil Mama (now 17 years of age) has been honing her skills for 5 solid years. She has blossomed to a triple threat excelling in rhyming, dancing, and singing. Lil Mama is a bonafied dancer professionally trained in Choreography, Freestyle Hip Hop, and Modern Jazz.

Her new single 'Lip Gloss' is blazing the airwaves and has quickly become a favorite on several mix show rotations. Lil Mama just recently signing a huge deal with Familiar Mindz/Jive Records! She is working alongside the likes of Swizz Beats, Green Lantern, and Scram Jones on her debut album titled Voice Of The Young People.

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Anonymous said...

hey gurlie u is 2 cold
and u can flow all i gotz
to say is continue to do wat
u do and dont pay attention
to dem haters.

Anonymous said...

lil mama u is to sweet
and i like how u
start to flow at da end u
got mad skills did use dem
to da best of your ability
real talk!