Friday, March 16, 2007

Dallas Austin Blasts Joss Stone & Christina!

Dallas Austin airs out Joss Stone as dirty ho who is "f**king for tracks!"

Now I know that Dallas Austin has been on that stuff since the whole Dubai incident last year but this unprofessional rant about singer Joss Stone sleeping with producers to get beats, seems a bit bitter and twisted. He acts like he is jealous as hell that Joss didn't put it on him for some of his beats. As for Joss, the girl can't catch a break at the moment, there has been a backlash against her in the media ever since her bizarre drunken appearance at the Brit awards in February and these accusations from Dallas won't help.

Well what do you know Christina is a ho too:

Dallas seems to be bored as hell, not satisfied with putting Joss on blast he is rambling about his jump off sessions with Christina Aguilera! Who really cares about all this now its like he is reading a page from his damn diary. I couldn't even watch 5 minutes of this video, he needs to get over it. Cry him a river, thats all I'm saying!

Shout out to SOHH Soulful for the Joss Stone video!

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Anonymous said...

Its been long known that Joss Stone was sleeping around,its only those who fell for the clean Barbie image tht will be shocked.
Those in the know already knew she was doing this
Its about time these guys spoke out againgst her anyway,she's had plenty bitterness to say about her ex,who SHE was cheating on repeatidly,so HE shouldve blasted her,but thank God Dallas has done it,at last
She might not be so cocky now